N-Desmethyl-loperamide designer drug synthetic opiate, analog Loperamide with all its properties


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Firstly, N-Desmethyl-loperamide designer drug synthetic opiate, analog Loperamide with all its properties. N-Desmethyl-loperamide is produced on modern chemical equipment, which makes this opiate very high-quality and clean.This chemical is intended for chemical research and for no other purpose.Buy N-Desmethyl-loperamide online

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Secondly, Loperamide is a synthetic opiate. This efficiently and selectively activates the μ opioid receptors Ki = 0.16 nM, exclusively at the periphery. N-Desmethyl-loperamide (dLop) is the main metabolite of loperamide. dLop is a substrate of an ATP-dependent outflow conveyor, P-glycoprotein. When both the initial compound and the mapping of metabolites, limited by passage through the blood, can be analyzed by various methods.

Thirdly, Storage conditions: in a dry and cool place. The terms para-chloro N-Desmethyl-loperamide can last up to 2 years under proper storage conditions.

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